Offering Installation and Repair Services

carrier-ac-fadCraig Air Conditioning has committed itself to bringing the quality services of an Air Conditioner Repair Company to Port Neches, TX. There is no doubt Texas summers can challenge the heartiest Texans, and to have a working air conditioning system is a must for people to get through the worst of summer. When your air conditioning system breaks down, Craig Air Conditioning is the business to call for repair or AC Installation in Port Neches .

Consider the Energy Star Alternative

There are many different types of air conditioning systems. Currently among the most popular are HVAC systems that are Energy Star certified. This type of system offers a number of advantages, including:

  • Having state of the art engineering.
  • Maximizing the energy efficiency of your unit.
  • A unit that has a longer service life when compared to other types.
  • An air conditioning system that will save you money for many years to come.

The Energy Star rating and seal are awarded by the United States Government Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and each unit must meet strict government standards before being able to display the Energy Star logo. when considering purchasing a new HVAC or other air conditioning system, be sure to look for the Energy Star logo on the unit.

Connecting Services

hvacBuying and installing a new air conditioning system requires a bit of preparation. Some of the things on your New Unit To Do List will be:

  • Having an energy audit conducted on your home.
  • Having a Craig Air Conditioning professional examine your home for air leaks.
  • Determining the best size unit for your home based on its size and location.
  • Making sure you have the proper electrical system prior to installation.

There may be other actions your service technician will need to do before finalizing the deal and scheduling the installation.

Connecting the Best with the Best

While we will do everything we can for you to be able to afford and install a brand new Energy Star rated system, it may not be everybody’s choice. What we do offer is the services of the best Air Conditioner Repair company in Port Neches, TX . We are experienced in a wide range of manufacturer brands and can virtually guarantee we can get your existing unit running to its maximum efficiency. When you are ready for a new unit, we have the professionals to get your AC Installation in Port Neches done quickly and competently.